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"This song goes out to all the Tiny babies and precious children
who were abused and the butchered by their parent or[align:center][/align]not so grandparents.
It is a very harsh topic but one that is needed to be heard all over
the world. " "If the shoe fits you, please don't kick an innnocent with it."

A Stranger Lullaby

This is my
stranger lullaby
to all precious
children and babies
who were not
sung off to sleep
by loving parents
with kisses and hugs

but who were
beaten to death
their eyes closed
in violence

No sugarplums
or fairies…
just a beast of
angst so scary

Tiny babies swung
against a wall
or burned with cigarettes
for simply crying
a natural instinct
a plea for comfort

Children strangled till they
could not catch their breath
or drowned in bathtubs
next to rubber duckies
buried in backyards
or garbage cans
in black plastic coffins
still in their jammies

So many cowardly ways
to destroy a tiny life
what kind of a demon human
destroys the life a child?
what punishment befits them
for tiny dreams that they’ve defiled ?

They should all die
in the same way as
their precious
sons and daughters did
at the hands of a
giant sized man
so that they know
how it felt
to be a tortured kid

And to each and
every baby and child
I grant them Godspeed
into the love loving love
arms of angels
back to the heavens
from which they came...
where there will
be no more pain

And where all the
multitudes of
good women
who died without joy
of having children
to call their own
will be granted
the sheer joy
of a heavenly baby.

To sing to sleep
or to simply love
far above the nightmares
of their past lives

And as for those who
hurt all innocence sired
as soon as they expire
let the demons of hell
never grant them rest.

Puncturing their
wicked flesh
in an endless
lullaby of pain

And as they wail they
might just remember
that their eternal suffering
was well deserved.

This is my strange lullaby
not meant to woo
anybody to sleep
but to awaken all
of earth’s souls
to the daily horrors
that go unseen.
to the daily horrors
that go unseen........

This is my strangest lullabye
A Stranger Lullabtye.....

Magnificent Music Composed &
Played by Frank DANA- ©-2022
Lyrics & Vocals Written & Sung by
Matthew F. Blowers III-©-2022 at:
Art~Whimsically Yours Studio
photo by me from my Art collection-©-2022

There Is no Lull in the Bye-Byes of innocence destroyed,

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