Back Home At Last.

I’ve been all around this crazy world
seen some amazing faces and places
I’ve lived in cities that had no pity
and small towns with kinder gazes
always looking for a place to settle
that would ease my restless heart
I made friends and a few enemies
but I never found a remedy
that begged me never to depart.
never to depart......

There were always girls
who caught my eye
and coaxed me to believe
that I should share the splendid love
they offered me eagerly
and take up residence
where they planned on
living there permanently
but that road kept calling to me…,
even though it was so lonely
so damned lonely….

My guitar was my only friend
through my journey’s
bookmarked pages
I wowed the crowds
till each gig’s end
on huge and tiny stages
wailing out the songs
of pain I penned
sharing one night
stands full of pretend
then I’d be gone
around the bend
my time was never overspent
in places I could circumvent.
places I couild circumvent

But now I find I’ve got an itch
that travel will not scratch
all the towns I pass
through look the same
all my wanderlust is ash…..
and there is a place
I haven’t gone
in all the years that
I’ve been moving on
Where I grew up and
learned to craft songs
where my roots lay
fallow far too long
and though I will not
see my Dad and Mom
I wept and sang at
both their funerals
they are somewhere
in the great beyond
but their love lives on immovable.
and my siblings
will be absent too
all five live somewhere else
but it’s still my hometown where
with joy I’ll wander by myself

Back home where
all my memories
wait patiently for me
where I’ll walk the streets
that once shared the feet
of my friends and family.

And I know back home
I’ll find the peace
that I’ve been searching for
cause I’ve learned that
when you’ve had it all
back home there’s
always more.

My girl next door
is single now
I’m quite sure that’s
what I’ve heard
perhaps we’ll pick up
where we both left off
Renewing passions
left unstirred

Back home to
where my life began
no longer just a Rolling stone
renewing friendships with
town folks I knew
I will no longer feel alone
no longer living on my own
Back home
In my sweet, sweet home
Hoke sweet home...
Home sweet home

Stellar Production Played
and Composed by E.P. Beats-©-2020
Vocals & Lyrics Sung & Written by-
Matthew F. Blowers III--©-2020
Art~Whimsically Yours Studio

You can go back home but
time will have erased so much,