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My music page will be about my original music, my cover videos and my thoughts on music in general.

The Carmichaels is now available on CD for purchase. Me , Chris and Jessica made this record under lockdown in 2021. We made music influenced by Motown, R&B and a bit of blues. It's got a funky homemade, handmade feel, mostly uptempo tunes, which we recorded separately at our home "studios". Chris played guitars, drums, bass and keyboards. Jess sang some lead and all the background vocal arrangements. I played guitars, keys and sang most lead vocals. We worked together on the songs. Kyle Albery played drums on several tracks once the lockdown was lifted.
Many of the songs captured the feel of the time, but there are love songs and songs about getting through the darkness. For me, the direction was much different than my Americana and folk styled records. It was fun to write these tunes.
Many have told me they want a copy. For now, just message me here or email me at and I will set you up. Paypal or check for payment and I'll send details. The CD's are $10.00 which includes the shipping (which is about 1/3rd the cost). We aren't trying to make a profit as much as we want to share these tunes. Eventually, we will get this up to the streaming sites too.

There will always be another song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you?