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Heya RUNAtics!!
We are so excited to share our brand new music video for
“Soul Cake” with all of you!
Bearing a strong resemblance to the wassailing songs and rituals in the UK and Ireland, “a-souling” traditions occurred on
All Souls Day (November 2nd) and throughout Christmastide.
Children went door to door singing and begging for “soul cakes”, spiced sweet cakes commemorating ancestors.
They are often look upon as the origins of caroling and trick-or-treating.
We hope you enjoy watching and singing along as much as we enjoyed putting it together!!
lots of love,
The RUNA Gang
Watch it on YouTube:

Shannon Lambert-Ryan - vocals
Fionán de Barra - guitar, vocals
Cheryl Prashker - percussion
Jake James Music - fiddle
Tom Fitzgerald - mandolin, fiddle
Guest Artist:
Liam de Barra - The Littlest RUNAtic
Guest Musicians:
Caleb Christopher Edwards - mandolin, vocals
Produced by: RUNA
Traditional arrangement by RUNA
Filmed by: Anthony Morrone
Edited by: Fionán de Barra & Shannon Lambert-Ryan
Filmed at:
Mystic Seaport Museum - Mystic, CT
Special Thanks:
Anthony Morrone
Kristen Vaugh
Julie Lambert
Bob & Marilyn Lambert
Emma Lambert
Liam de Barra
Arlene Marcionette
Dan McFadden
Peter Armstrong
Mary Anne Stets
Mystic Seaport Staff
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#irish #celtic
#halloween #christmastide
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