Piney Woods & The Strip Mall Wonder Band´╗┐
We're "Horney" and over "Saxed!" 50+ years playing on the stage, and we're just getting started! Performing our brand of "Red Hot, Smokin, Honky-Tonk Blues!
(317) 375-9242

I was thinking back about the past year and a half. It started with a message from Will Scott , asking if I'd like to play at the Sinkhole in Bloomington. I had no band, and hadn't done it in a few years. So, I did. I'd done one practice with Chuck Crawford and asked if he'd join me. We started as a trio, and my friends started sitting in. I have no explanation why it took off like it did this time, but it did.
I hooked up with Chris Rall , my long time sax guy, and he brought the horn section along. We definitely are no longer a trio. I grabbed my highschool buddy Joey Burns and asked if he'd go to keys from guitar, just so we could have him. Finding Kevin Griffin on drums was a super fit.
About a year in, in spite of a plethora of obstacles, we finally got two practices in. That was the game changer. We were so ready for those blues festivals. Even the national acts knew we came on a mission, a little something to prove at 68. Nothing got left on the stage, and we were hitting on all cylinders despite any sound problems....
It's more fun shared, and we'll keep looking for ways to share the stage with our favorite performers. We live between Indy and Louisville and hope to do a dozen shows next year. We're heading to Russian Recording in early December to record a few songs.
I'd like to thank Dave David K Watson for the awesome promotion and graphics and Jeff Shew for being there from the start!!

There will always be another song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you?