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UniversalDice, a Long Island based indie rock band featuring Gerry Dantone.

Not only is it time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of Long Island's indie alternative rock band UniversalDice, it's time to vote for UniversalDice as Long Island's BEST non-cover band in the annual Bethpage Federal Credit Union's Best of Long Island promotion!
TO VOTE: Go to the Best of Long Island website https://www.bestoflongisland.com/voting/... or click on the picture below and vote for UniversalDice in the "band, non-cover" category. You can vote EVERYDAY. You may have to register to vote. It would mean a lot to us!
All we can do is ask for your vote and we will try to provide the evidence that indeed we are the best original band in the area. See below or visit our website: https://universaldice.com/
Check out our remastered and just released lyric music videos on YouTube:
Last Prayer:

Out of Many, One:

Listen to our latest rock opera album, "birth, love, hate, death" and our earlier albums Recommended songs include, "Your Son," "My Hands Are Tied," "Danielle," "Better Man," "Honestly," and well, all of the songs on the album! Go to our NEW YouTube Playlists page for all our albums and videos! https://www.youtube.com/.../UCUxX509HAh2ZDrg3WU.../playlists
Thanks for your support!

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