The Jaunt
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The Jaunt Original metal music from Kentucky

Singer/singers wanted. Looking for hard rock-ish metal singer/s for original music project. Male or female, preferably melodic and/or heavy style vocals.
‘The Jaunt’ (working title) is a Louisville, Kentucky based electronic/alt-rock/metal project. Our current group of songs are broad, genre-wise - so any ideas are on the table. The music varies in intensity, which presents opportunities for a variety of vocal styles from song to song.
Age, gender, looks, prior band experience, etc… not important to us. Only what’s best for the music. To make the vox search process as fair as possible we are requesting and directing interested vocalists to our demo page on reverbnation. Pick a song or multiple songs and write/record/video something for us to check out. Doesn't have to be perfect - we will get the idea.
Recorded demo material can be found at:
Priority songs (again all working titles): The Shadows, Breach, Nero, Crotchrocket, The Tower, Stasis, Rebirth, MP, Black Hole, and Bliss.
Our primary goal is to have fun making music with other great musicians. Ultimately our goals are to release a great album and play a handful of choice shows per year.

There will always be another song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you?