Ever since I was a little boy
you've been faithfully there for me,
though you've changed in size much like I did
we both share such history,
My Mama loved me most...
to you and back,
she'd whisper it nightly,
and since she died,
you're my reminder
of her love eternally.


I've kissed some truly lovely girls,
after bringing them back home,
as your watchful face
peered through curtains of dark ....
my favorite chaperon.

I've walked many Moon rivers,
savored moon pies sweetest blends
and hated lonely nights I've spent,
that never seemed to end
but you were always there for me
with memories to share,
my stationary friend.
My stationary firend.....


Though men have walked
your hardened face,
I've faced hard walks
lit by your grace,
You always led the poet
in me to write
berneath your fingernail displays.

I've played in endless tides you've moved
to thrilling, monstrous waves,
precariously splayed across surfboards,
tempting fate on Summer days.

When it comes my time to slip away
through that inkwell death will bring,
you'll be my nightlight...
guiding me to heaven's realms,
when my soul at last takes wing,
and I'll blow a kiss to your cratered face,
regretting all I leave behind,
as you find new children
peeking up at you through
that great window of time...... ....
yeah, you'll find new children
peeking up at you...
through that great window of time.

Art~Whimsically Yours Studio
Matthew F. Blowers III Productions

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