Concert Venue
The Marigold Auditorium for Arts and Culture (with a seating capacity of 250) has served as a performance venue for theatrical productions, an opera, bands, science fairs, elementary school presentations, etc.
373 N. Church Street Winterville, GA 30683

Social People with the Inglesbys is a new group made up of long time Athens musicians Dodd Ferrelle, Adam Poulin, Tim Adams, and Mitch Turner. Joining the group are Dodd’s cousins Betsy Inglesby and Caroline Inglesby Stephens and Barenaked Ladies bassist, Jim Creegan. Social People with the Inglesbys will play new songs from a forthcoming record as well as old songs written by various members of the band and featuring Betsy Inglesby on vocals. This unique event allows the ticket holder to attend the concert, contribute to the cause and receive a gift all while being entertained at this special one-night-only gathering. The Concert will be recorded live for a possible gift opportunity as well! Proceeds from the event will go toward producing the aforementioned new record created to drive Alzheimer’s Awareness. It is tentatively titled “KeepIng Betsy” and is scheduled for an early 2023 release. Special guests joining us to celebrate: Stewart and Winfield and Aaron Parrett and Friends.
October 21, 2022

There will always be another song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you?