Uncle Walt's Band
"Those Boys From Carolina, They Sure Enough Could Sing... " Lyle Lovett (That's Right You're Not Fro

Here is what they are saying about “Mighty Fine, an Austin City Limits Tribute to Walter Hyatt”on Omnivore Recordings. https://a.co/d/g2ZJWwj 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Walter Hyatt never reached a recognition his influence reflected. His sweet tenor and down-home songwriting were 80’s Austin favorite Uncle Walt’s Band and (Walter’s) ensuing solo work making him an artist’s artist. A year after he died in a plane crash in 1996 ACL gathered friends and bandmates to record the tribute episode finally getting LP release with the treat of four previously unreleased recordings tacked on. Mighty fine indeed.”
--Austin Chronicle
“When singer-songwriter extraordinaire Walter Hyatt died in the 1996 ValuJet plane crash it felt like the end of an era for many of Austin’s music lovers. Now almost 25 years later the songs have been collected for an emotional retrospective of Hyatt’s moving song catalog, showing how much love and respect the Austin music community always had for him.”
--Bentley’s Bandstand
“Hyatt’s been credited as an artist responsible for “creating” what has become Americana Music. This is songwriting craft, the subjects Hyatt chose to sing about, the lyrical pacing, originality & versatility. Stellar. 25 years later, the pristine live performances are set free. It would’ve been shame for this to gather dust in a vault. A masterful recording.”
- -Americana Highways
"Walter to me was akin to the great southern writers like Tennessee Williams or William Faulkner. He was just about the best writer I have known”.
-Willis Alan Ramsey
“Walter Hyatt was one of the most creative souls to come out of the Austin music scene. This program is a celebration of the extraordinary music by an extraordinary man with a gift for reaching hearts and minds of so many people.”
-Lyle Lovett

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