"The day is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution." Paul Cezanne.

Single Carrot Theatre is proud to champion thrilling, innovative, community driven art in Baltimore, and we’ve been producing it throughout the pandemic!

As theatres across the country reopen, many of our colleagues are observing an opportunity to revolutionize the art they make and how they choose to make it. Whether through community conversations, virtual education programming, or intimate performances in our neighbors’ backyards, Single Carrot has made deep engagement a priority.In the past year SCT has not only maintained its operation, we have increased artist pay, grown our staff and developed new ways to create, collaborate, innovate, and connect.

Before Covid-19 closed the door on in-person productions, SCT had already made the bold decision to align our mission to art developed with meaningful connection to our communities. Fuelled by individual and organizational relationships, our work – on and off the stage – prioritizes collaboration, imagination, and equity by design. We’ve spent the last two years learning how to firmly root our programming in service to Baltimore. As the city continues to recover and reopen, we are ready to deliver on that promise. Be sure to check your mailbox and watch our social media to learn more!

Like most producing arts organizations, we are looking toward 2022 with a mix of hope and caution. We are heartened by our success reimagining art in a global pandemic, and we are proud of the ways our work contributes to the rich fabric of our city. Still, we know that there are challenges to come. Just as we champion a bold, creative, and just Baltimore, we hope that you will continue to be a champion for us! Your support has allowed us to fully commit to these values throughout the greatest challenge faced by arts organizations in a century. We would be so grateful if you would once again invest in art that upholds this vision, for us, and for Baltimore.

Genevieve de Mahy | Artistic Director
Emily Cory | Executive Director

Single Carrot Theatre is pleased to announce its involvement in the Worldwide Ukrainian Play Readings.
Please join us at Baltimore Unity Hall on Saturday, October 1st, 2022, at 8pm for an evening of staged readings by Ukrainian playwrights to raise funds for Ukrainian artists and children affected by the war.
These plays were commissioned by Phillip Arnoult's Center for International Theatre Development and will feature members of the Single Carrot Theatre ensemble and guest artists.
To reserve your free seat, please click this link! singlecarrot.com/ukraine

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