This is Leslie Nuss's musician page, with photos, video and updates.

Hi there. Such a long time since a post from this page.
Listening to a cassette tape my vocal/guitar songs that ended up on my 4th CD “Round 3”
In some ways, I am a true introvert-while other artists connected with their audience during the pandemic, playing digital shows, I was hanging on.
I did release Sh*t Happens, 8 tracks produced by Ainjel Emme, Josh Shapera and Danny Giorgi but without any fanfare-
And by year’s end I will have finished up a few more new tracks to total at least 6 more ready to go.
In the meantime I need to hold a fundraiser for my campaign for Center Township Board in Valparaiso because in addition to making and giving out buttons with positive statements-like Women Come First and Love the Kids, I want to send a postcard to voters in Center Township and that costs money.
I am going to look for a venue, but I will play a show between now and Nov 8th to raise this money.
It’s a bit terrifying for me as I haven’t played a live show since February of 2020.
But-it would be good for me, as some of you know I have been working to play some songs on piano or keyboards and I would like to do a hybrid show.
Anyway, I wanted to say, “hi” and give you an update. I truly hope you are doing some things for yourself and also making time to give back to your community-it does make a difference.
I rearranged my music room. It’s a work in progesss as you can see here 🙂

There will always be another song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you?