The Lied To’s are Susan Levine and Doug Kwartler, two award-winning Massachusetts songwriters who joined up in 2014. “The Worst Kind of New” is their 3rd release. Like their first two albums, it explores the challenges of relationships, but this time they dig deep into the next stage of life, examining loss, memory, and the desire for love and self-acceptance. The musical palette ranges from a lone vocal to textured guitars and organs, all of which serve as a backdrop to the duo’s trademark grit, honesty and harmony.
Joy Askew came to NYC from England in the early ’80’s and has an imposing past playing in the bands of musical icons such as Peter Gabriel, Laurie Anderson, Joe Jackson and RodneyCrowell. Now, after label and indie record releases and collaboration with publishers including Quincy Jones, as a re-invented musical poet, she has released her 10th solo album, “Everything Is Different.”
Annette Wasilik has been writing songs ever since finding a Sears Silvertone guitar abandoned in a tin wardrobe in her parents’ basement at 14. After building a massage practice, she turned her full attention to music. Her debut album, “Songs from the Talking House” won Contemporary Folk Recording of the Year from the Washington Area Music Association. Her 2020 release “Love & Fire” placed #6 on the Folk DJ chart and #1 for Artist on the NACC chart and ended #40 on the Folk DJ chart for the year.
Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 - Around the corner from Rockwood 2
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There will always be another song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you?