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King Kyote + LOVE BY NUMB3RS
Friday, September 23rd
Doors 8 / Show 9
$15 / $20
Harken to a night of whiskey drinking in a cabin among the pines, King Kyote echoes the yells of Rock & Roll's forefathers while having a deeply rooted harmony with the Blues, Americana, and Roots Rock N Roll genres. King has shared stages with the likes of Taj Mahal, The Record Company, Robert Cray, Rich Robinson and Houndmouth. King Kyote performed live on NBC's new hit show "American Song Contest" in March of 2022, representing his home state of Maine. King's latest single, "Get Out Alive" was released on Atlantic Records and had over 120K streams across multiple platforms within the first two weeks.
King's love for his craft & incendiary live performances make him an artist not to be missed.
"I like the way he holds his own, his vocal tone and his penmanship" - Snoop Dogg
"So many people can relate to his message" - Kelly Clarkson
It seems like members of LOVE BY NUMB3RS—the Americana-flavored, Portland, Maine indie rock band—have been saddled with a unique “in sickness and in health” bond. Co-vocalists Anna Lombard and Dan Connor had not spoken for five years after a bitter falling out but found themselves accidently and uneasily reunited as neighbors. Anna, who vowed never to date a musician, and used to volley dick jokes with her bandmate Jon Roods, found herself in a romantic relationship with Jon, the gifted multi-instrumentalist. Dan went two rounds with a left frontal lobe brain tumor, lived to make two albums with Anna and Jon, and is still going strong.
The band released their sophomore EP Colours in November of 2021, soldiering on as Dan completed a year of chemotherapy. Atwood Magazine said, “the sweetly stunning 'Colours' puts LOVE BY NUMB3RS' exceptional lyrical, vocal, and instrumental talents on full display. The band weave a rich tapestry of sound together with vulnerable, visceral lyrics that find Anna Lombard thriving, reeling, and excelling in a tough space. She rises to meet the moment in an intimate and impassioned chorus that-excuse the pun-showcases an inner fire and her many colors... 'Colours' brings out the full spectrum in each and every one of us. It's a radiant album of turmoil spilling over; of honesty and confession; of pain becoming beauty."
And they certainly have history. Dan's discography spans his solo work, Goud's Thumb, The Sense, and, of course, Gypsy Tailwind. He and Anna elevated Gypsy Tailwind to national renown, while Anna thrived as a solo artist and in the critically acclaimed Armies. Meanwhile, Jon co-founded now-legendary Maine rock band Rustic Overtones (as well as Armies alongside Anna) and spent nearly three decades touring and recording with the group. Their full band & live show is rounded out with the inimitable talents of Gary Gemmiti on drums and Zack Bence on guitar.
LBN is a self-contained artistic unit with all songwriting, instrumentation, production and mixing at their home studio South Ranch, and video directing handled in-house. The band’s songwriting features reflective storytelling set within an indie aesthetic shaded by cosmic Americana. Their forthcoming record - evocatively titled Earth Needs A Moon- will bring the listener beyond the stratosphere for some vintage psychedelia that lives firmly between the 1960s and 1970s, with the highly anticipated release date of September 30, 2022.
King Kyote + Love By Numbers
King Kyote + Love By Numbers
Sep 23 9 PM · 77 Daniel Street,Portsmouth,03801,US

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