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What a journey !!!!
In 2019, I commenced a TV/Film Music Licensing Education & Sync Agency course with Catch The Moon Music !! Being over in Australia, I fondly remember those midnight zoom calls but particularly the first zoom where founder "Cathy Heller" asked the group:
"What would you be without music ?"
It was a question I simply could not answer. It confused me, It angered me, It challenged me. Music was everything I'd know since the age of 4. But along with all the amazing mentors, guest speakers & fellow musicians on the course, it spurred something within me to explore a creative world which I had not tapped into before. A course which provided a 'key' that opened the door to manifest so much more !!
In 2020, I made my debut acting role in a movie Here Out West which screened nationwide in Australia earlier this year & soon to be aired on free to air TV in August.
In 2021, my partner Nancy Mattos & I started hosting a weekly Spanish radio program called "Alumbra" which was aimed at raising emotional awareness & elevate human consciousness. And then in mid-2021, our inner child felt further blessed with the Soluna release of our Spanish kids called "Jardincito".
In Feb-2022, I self-published my first kids book "If I Could Be A Kangaroo'. And now with 5 kids books released, there is so much more joyfulness to explore.
I do sincerely and humbly want to thank the universe for those 'sliding doors' moments in my life.
Gracias/Thank you to Nancy Mattos for your love, guidance & support !!
Gracias/Thank You to John Moulang Luca Luke Ranald Allan Brendan Sullivan for your mentorship, belief and inspiration.
Gracias/Thank you also to the following people (and I'm sure I've missed many), who have role modelled, given words of wisdom or just simply witnessed my journey from afar. It's so great to see so many networks flourish and all your own successes !!
Cathy Heller (CTM Founder)
John Clinebell (Cap Man)
Samuel Knaak
Cass Eager
Scotty Lund
Dalaina Markay Knight
MPhatic MPhatic
John Cimino
Amanda Stewart
Ben Drysdale
Anthony Ne Evez
Jesse Thom
Gary Douglass
Keith Wasserman
Ian Jones
German Briseño
Shondra Jepperson
Kindabah Wilson
Nicole Dillenberg
Christina S Brilliance
Mark Wilder
Esli Martinez
Eric Campbell
Adam Scott
Alex Helton
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Christian Ravello - Musician/Actor/Poet/Author
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Gracias/Thank You/Namaste 🙏❤️
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