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Saturday July 23, 2022
2:00 p.m.
1400 Haight Street
San Francisco

Michael Moss
40 mins ·
Moonalice by Michael Moss 2022
concert poster
My latest poster created for the spectacular free event sponsored by Love On Haight (1400 Haight). The painting I created years ago and is named Alice. At the time of creation I had never heard of the band Moonalice but once I did I knew this was a perfect image for them. Patience is a virtue (it's also a bitch) I saved this image 10 years for this specific opportunity. And here it is.
Come out to 1400 Haight Street (@Masonic) this Saturday at 2pm for a free concert. I will be live painting at the event, selling prints, and signing posters. There is something old and new happening in the Haight come out, get groovy, and have a great time... It's FREE.

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