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#1180086 - 09/06/21 10:59 PM "Not Just A Melody.".  
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I pick up my guitar
intending to strum
just a melody
but then thoughts of you
came pouring through
my brain into my finger tips
and then I knew
it would be more than
Just a melody.

More than just
the standard quips
and overused clichés
for your love deserves
so much more
than any song
that I can play
or anything lyrics can say
The only way I can repay
what you’ve brought me
Is what ought to be.

A symphony
1,000 instruments inspired
and two hundred
voices in a choir
but you have set
my soul on fire
all those who love
will sing along
all those who play
an instrument
will know exactly
what I meant.

Then voices all
over the earth
will sing these words
with joyous mirth
to the one they love
bringing this song
endless new rebirths
and ten million
instruments will play
my song for you
I wrote today
and it will be in
so many ways.....

A symphony for you from me
becoming exisistentially
what I always meant for it to be
so the whole world knows
what I have seen....
your love that truly
reigns supreme
and my debt to you
will be redeemed
for your answering
all of my dreams.

I love you so much….baby
you are my queen
and you deserve a symphony
from me to you
for all you do for me
A symphony....Baby
I can't put it any other way
and I hope it
makes you happy
every time I say
"I Love you Baby"

Can't you hear it
echoing all over the world
It means you are
my Special girl
not just a melody
it's not enough for me
it's got to be
a symohony
a sweet symphony....
for you from me baby.......

Incredible music Composed
& Played by-DiVaDY-©-2021
Vocals & Lyrics Sung & Written
by Matthew F. Blowers III--©-2021
Art~Whimsically Yours Studio
Photo credit To; Manuel Nägeli

Truest love deserve more than just a melody,

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#1180098 - 09/07/21 04:30 PM Re: "Not Just A Melody.". [Re: MFB III]  
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Windsor, NS, Canada
MFB...you have a very good voice but the song structure isn't allowing it to be used properly..

IMO...you have way to many words..probably cut 40% out..this will give you more room to extend notes etc

As an example

I picked up my guitar to strum a melody
When thoughts of you came through my finger tips
and I knew
it would be more than a melody

For the most part try to not use words like then, that, and, but ,,,unless essential to the feel of the song

You have a heartfelt lyric but the bouncing cadence in your voice does not allow that feeling to come through

there is a monotone feel to your voice for much of the song...try greater vocal movement

These are just my thoughts but you have a quality to your voice that IMO is not being showcased enough


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#1180104 - 09/07/21 09:51 PM Re: "Not Just A Melody.". [Re: MFB III]  
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Decatur, Alabama
That's the clearest recording I've ever heard from you Matt! Didn't even need the lyrics! Great Job! smile

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