When The Mem’ries Were Good

I recall all those dog days of summer
August wind like hot breath on my neck
Rub my brow with an iced sweet tea glass
Watchin’ kids chase fireflies on the sun-baked grass

From the front porch you’d hear the 9:15
And watch the trail of her smokestack cloud
Most nights I dreamt of jumpin’ that train to see
The world that lives outside of this podunk town

Our younger days seem to fade so fast
Maybe what keeps us young is getting lost in the past
That was summer in my neck of the woods
Back when all the mem’ries were good

I’d walk down to the creek through the town square
Honeysuckle heavy in the air
I’d lay back on the grass in the noonday sun
Watchin’ the clouds roll by and that old river run

Saturday nights down at the picture show
Neckin’ in the dark in the last row
Later we’d head over to the ice cream parlor
A sugar cone and two scoops for a dollar


Main Street was lined and dressed for Labor Day
Town’s old soldiers marched in the parade
School kids did “Our Town” at the church hall
That last gasp of summer before leaves start to fall