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Memories of You
Copyright 2021 OpenMikeMusic

I walk in my garden
a weathered, old man.
I tend to my flowers, now,
the best that I can.

Gazing at their beauty.
It's amazing what a little
sun can do?

Now I'm sitting alone,
locked in a stare.
Looking at family pictures
from my favorite chair.

I gaze at their beauty.
It's amazing what a little
love can do?

And for now,
I feel no pain,
that sustain
these memories of you.

I can hardly remember
the last time I fell
hard for a woman
and I lived to tell...

...everyone about her beauty,
amazed she fell for a troubled fool like me.

That was the last time
love came my way.
I doubt it can find me, now,
'cause I'm hidden away...

...waiting on a flower,
that blooms by the light
of a Texas moon.

but I can smell the rain,
painting those memories of you.

Musical break

I walk in my garden,
a weathered, old man.
I tend to my children,
she's holding my hand.

She recognized the beauty,
of a flower Papaw planted
weeks ago.
She pulled it up, walked it over,
as the tears I've saved for years began to flow.

And the beauty of it all,
is the rising and the fall,
of a flower after it blooms.

It eases the pain,
what remains of
these memories of you.

Repeat x 3.


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