Porcelain Princess
Porcelain Princess in her fine gown
wondered what it's like on my side of town.
Though Mom told her soon you'll find
A man like dad rich as a gold mine.
Mom didn't marry for love only wealth.
Sadly she thought of no one but herself
Princess had different thoughts and say
destiny, not greed will show the way
Each day at her window she would wait
her prince never came, fearing it too late
Trapped forever in this ivory tower?
imaginary lovers Sweetened long hours

Then in a café lost souls frequent
where your presence was valued
More than money you spent
She requested a songs from this troubadour-
as I sang for her, she said,
I've found what I've longed for


Her future mapped out in the candleabra set
she gave it up, not a single regret
Swapped silk and exotic perfumes
for kaftans and incense in each room

Bohemian jewellery, Mountain Red wine
the love she needed all of this time
She wore simple sandals, not sensible shoes
red rose for her hair, an angel tattoo

No high garden walls
to feel trapped within
No imposing iron gates
that shudder in the wind
Now the meadow was our garden

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. Oscar Wilde