Dear SongFarmers,

On Sunday March 21 we are having our first worldwide SongFarmers online Gathering and you, your family and friends are invited to be part of it ... it is FREE to everyone.

The first virtual NATIONAL GATHERING OF SONGFARMERS is March 21, 2021 2-5PM EDT

All are welcome, How to be part of it:

FIRST: download the free ZOOM APP from iTunes on your desktop, laptop or cell phone.

SECOND: Register that you plan on being part of it at the above link or email

THIRD: On March 21 a ZOOM link will be posted that will go live from 2PM-5PM EDT. Click the on the link and your ZOOM app will take you to the Gathering. You will also get an email notice two days before the event.

THE FORMAT: will be several 30-minute workshops, each followed by song performances by our members, beginning 2PM EDT continuing all afternoon till 5PM EDT. The schedule will be posted soon.

AFTER THE SONGFARMERS ZOOM GATHERING (5-6PM) we will host a FRONT PORCH SONG SWAP, one song per member performed for the entire viewing audience. If you would like to PERFORM A SONG during the Gathering, please email (put GATHERING in the subject heading)

You will get one more reminder via email. Those who register (it's simply a way for us to keep track of how many are expected to log in) will get extra information.

Watch for details
Michael Johnathon
Caney Creek Screenwriter, folksinger, front porch banjo player and other stuff
2020 Milner Award / WoodSongs
Paris, KY

There will always be another song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you?