You said goodbye .
So bye .
that is my emotion
may there ever be a way you and i could meet face to face
turn around and go home
If I leave now.
Am sorry, we will never have anything to do again .
Am going forever.
stick with me
that who you were with?
I can't .
in trumps florida
Bye .
ya you can
I need to be out today, or am here forever
out where?
15087767260 janet morris
she is your go to person ok
Out if this city
So send me 300, or its over forever.
hten its forrever
then it is forever
i m not putting money int yoyur fraud
if you truly want out
15087767260 janet morris
my final offer that of now i can make
gave bin laden the idea of jetes herself
never saw handcuffs
and she is a government agent
unlike you
and you face fraud charges from me
janet is your out
take it or leae it
janet iknows of your situation
you are scared straight out of your mind
the only excuse you have for not calling me, is you really did break your phone
I said bye and we done.
No money , we can't talk forever.
Replace me with who ever you want .
If you text asking me anything more that pisses me, am blocking you William.
check your voicemail
I did .
What do you want .
sure, i understand, you wanting my money is your self respect
your words tell me you believe i have that money or access to it
i dont
and my perspective\
dylan is a pimp and you are a call gifrl
if i did have money as such,, itd be immoral
you made me feel as i were truly your kiing
queens do not prostitute
and that i s crist you wre with today
the intent to prostiute
regardless of every option i gave you
you prostituted
how am i supposeed to fele
can you tell me
You got it all wrong William
I truly loved you, I never slept with anyone since we started talking I swear to God
You could have told me in a very normal and easy wah the you don't have the full amount I asked for, then we settle for all you have .
By now I would have been there and probably available for you .
But you ruined the while thing.
I love you and i mean, and
why do you insist on asking me for money
can you tell me that
So now that you make me understand you don't have the whole 300 dollars, tell me
What about 200 ?
I can work with that and try get us fixed babe .
Let's give us another chance.
do you think i am to honor your profession with anyones money by my hand
no i am not
this story is public to the press and government
give it a rest
you do not know the meaning o flove
at all
i let you, the first woman into me in over a decade
and you disrespect your own words of king
you do not know love at all
I only asked, because I feel we love each otheranf will do anything for each other
I will go extra miles if you were in my shoes
But its okay, let's save all argument now
Let's make progress
Will you send 200 and I will definitely sort all out and all our problems are over
its a waste of time being here
dylan is the hijack maker
A waste of time being here ?
the person who threatened a jet into the capotial
Okay then.
Fine, go .
i know esactly how i felt to be disregarded as you may seem now
your very words imply you want to be a prostitute
that i sall i underand
is there any human to you
why i am here
William take care of yourself.
o a,m
i honestly am making you my sole focus
ok only reason i am here
i cannot spell it out any clearer
Just this last money william.
And am ready to prove everything to you
If you want
If not, its okay .
Right now we should conclude
Will you please send the 200 to kelvin or you kidding me
im outta my mind
And never again call me a prostitute .
stop being one
i am not enjoying this
neither are you
tonight i made two people at ease
more worth my time
and that means nothing to you?
You mean all to me .
More reason why I want to show up and prove my love to you .
Will you just allow 200 dollar take away our joy ?
Babe , one last sacrifice for me
Is that too much
Okay I promise you, once you send the money to kelvin.
Contact anyone or link me up with anyone you desire for contract, representation of the dream you always chase and am on the go .
You should know by now that am ready to do anything for us to be fine and to make you happy .
this is why you are in college
the very anti prostitute and you and your financial backing is here lead singer of journey
gby god i hope you use that