I got this email and thought it showed how the company is trying to enact tactics in strategies of Adaptive Response to the Threatening Change in its Natural environment, which has caused effects of Threatening Change in its Economic environment. Maybe some lessons for us all. Hang in there Lexingtown! And everybody else!

WoodSongs COVID 19 Changes
and the new WoodSongs Face Mask

"To affect the quality of the day,
that is the highest of arts."
Henry David Thoreau


The good news:

All WoodSongs Partnerships are being PRO-RATED for the term of the shutdown. In other words, if production for WoodSongs is down for 5 months because of the pandemic, your current partnership will be EXTENDED for five months, etc. You do not need to do anything, it will be extended automatically on your behalf.
IF YOU BECOME A PARTNER NOW we need you! your term will begin the day WoodSongs announces its production schedule
All NEW and RE-NEWing WoodSongs Partners... of any level ... will get a huge thank you gift package PLUS a brand new, four ply cotton WoodSongs Face mask.

Defeat COVID19 with music, a face mask ... and wash your hands after every song!

Become a New or ReNewed WS Partner Today

NOTE: The WoodSongs FACE MASK is exclusively for WoodSongs Partners and not "sold" to the public. Extra masks are $10 each (includes shipping) as a show fund raiser but only for WoodSongs Partners.

Imagine owning a piece of history from the Grand Ole Opry, Louisiana Hayride, Renfro Valley and more. You can now own a copy of an actual radio affiliate broadcast disc, the CD that our radio stations use to broadcast the show on the air
In order to help keep WoodSongs alive and functioning through the pandemic, we are offering a special gift premium to every new or renewing Partnership of any level between now and when WoodSongs goes back into production.
All the Usual Partner Advantages

a CD copy of the Best of WoodSongs Volume 1 ... The early days from the Lexington Library and the Kentucky Theatre with the Kruger Brothers, Tim OBrien and the hysterical Beulla and her G -String, Kate Campbell and lots more
You get the FREE tickets to see the show when it comes back into production and a copy of the WS 1000th souvenir booklet
Become a WoodSongs partner at any level and we will include the new 176-page book WoodSongs 4, the Dazed & Confuzed studio album, and the Songs of Rural America symphony album as seen on national TV and the brand new Legacy CD. All of it sent with any WS Partner level. WE NEED YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER See the levels below or call 859-255-5700.

MAIL IT IN: You can mail in your WS Partnership with a check payable to PoetMan Records/WoodSongs PO Box 200, Lexington, KY 40588, PayPal to radio@woodsongs.com or credit card call 859-255-5700 10-5PM EDT.

SEE IT ALL - Become a New or ReNewed WS Partner Today

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Thank you!

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