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Decision-makers need to pay attention to what is happening to working people in our state. The coronavirus crisis has laid bare stark inequalities in our economy. While some people safely work from home, others continue to show up for essential positions. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands have lost their jobs.

But the government isnt always acting with the necessary urgency. We need to show them the real human impacts behind the statistics. So were sharing stories of what its like to struggle through this crisis.

New unemployment figures announced today show the startling impact of the crisis. More than 600,000 people have filed for unemployment in our state since the crisis began, and only 350,000 are currently receiving benefits. To provide a sense of scale:

If applicants for unemployment started lining up at the Olympia headquarters of the Employment Security Department, a socially distanced unemployment line would stretch well past San Francisco.
The more than 250,000 people who applied for unemployment but aren't receiving benefits yet lost out on a combined $150 million in federal support this week.
>>> Read all about it and share your own experiences: ThisIsACrisis.com

This is a crisis. We dont have to let it become a catastrophe.

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Working Washington


Our mailing address is: Working Washington, 116 Warren Ave N, Suite A, Seattle, WA 98109

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