Posting this to 'save' it until I can listen, here to avoid disrupting Brian's emergency announcement 1/30/2020.

I hadnt listened to Barts complete interview when I sent out the link. It is a mind-blower, and very information-heavy. Wow!

He goes through the history of how songwriters got paid (not paid ☹), copyright law, songwriter legislation, the Music Licensing Modernization Act, The Mechanical Licensing Collective (MCL), and more thats coming.

It is a real education in what has happened and what is going to happen for songwriters in the music business.

Here it is again:

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God bless Bart Herbison and all of the Nashville NSAI leaders! If you dont belong to NSAI, this interview you help you understand why you should.

There will always be another song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you?