Hi Folks,

I haven't posted an update because I have been dealing with the illness and passing of my mother since the holidays. It's something I am still in shock over and likely will take me awhile to return to any sort of normalcy. I had planned so many things for the start of 2018, but the music awards hit a so far unbreakable snag and all that work was halted for the holidays due to the reality of getting enough help and when my Mom got ill, it became low priority as you can imagine. Now I have realized that all my plans AND the music awards have fallen victim in the gut wrenching past 90 days and though we will finish the awards even if it takes 100 years (exaggeration intentional) and I have to accept all my other plans, many of which have permanently fallen victim to missing deadlines will have to be scrapped completely and perhaps reinvented down the road. To all the nominees, I am really sorry that this became too big of a hill to climb. I could easily have mailed it in long ago and skipped our methodical and thorough process, but to do so would simply be wasting the hard work already done and wouldn't be acceptable to our standards and the entire point of doing a thoroughly fair and complete music awards. So even though most artists/writers may have moved on with life (I understand) we will still finish when it is completely done. I can't begin to give another date estimate, life simply laughs at our mortal plans sometimes. I was always able to climb the tallest mountain and come down safely and on time in the past (including MUCH larger awards than this year which is only middle of the pack in size) but I finally failed in my folly to do the near impossible, all for free and with only volunteers.

I will reengage as soon as my heart allows me to. For those who are still with us in this I thank you for understanding and for those who have moved on, I am sorry for failing to complete them in a reasonable timeframe. We'll do our best nonetheless to see it through.


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