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This is a fascinating archeology piece out of India with a SHOCKING revelation concerning a huge iron pole at a famous temple/mosque (it's part of a series there, all are excellent) by the #1 Youtube Archeology channel (as voted by users I believe). We've all been told that ancient people only had bronze and no iron capabilities and also that iron could never survive from ancient times due to rust. Well this guy proves all that is FAKE NEWS. (It's becoming clear to me that a lot of our history and science is flawed and biased and BS overall but that's a longer conversation). This video is about something I have never once heard of, but it is undeniable and factual but never taught in the USA. It's a 10 minute video.

It's a brand new video out today and check out his entire channel, you won't be disappointed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4p6tRFt2RLU



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