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Here's something I randomly came across that really opened my eyes to the plight being suffered by so many of my friends in California. Of course not all of them are suffering because I have a lot of fortunate and successful friends there who aren't really affected by the things in this video, but I have many more from all political parties and viewpoints, who are in dire straights in the wealthiest state we have in the US.

I am not looking to start any arguments, as these are not my words or facts, (though I did look into some of them and found them to be true according to govt. reports), I just hope that all people of all views will allow an opinion and discussion which may or may not fit your own narrative of how things are, to possibly enlighten you to a tragedy of epic proportions happening in the one place it really shouldn't have to. If you live in California, I welcome discussion if you have opposing numbers and a counter argument, but the bottom line is that if you aren't in the top level of earners (nor do you have inherited wealth, property or other circumstances making you immune to these problems) your life in California is hell and getting worse.

Here's the video, it lasts 37 minutes and it is a stark wake up call. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7n-xhFLkgiE

I'll try to find a lighter (and shorter) Distraction for next time.


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