Hi Folks,

We've been having troubles getting on the site due to Comcast blocking our home and office from coming here for some undisclosed reason. We've been fighting them for more than a month daily to no avail other than them admitting it is a block and they don't know why it is there.

So we'll keep plugging away and try to get back here more regularly from other locations. If you need to reach me, you can email me anytime at jpfolkspro@aol.com or via facebook on my or the JPF pages. (Just look them up by typing in Brian Whitney or Just Plain Folks).


Brian Austin Whitney
Just Plain Folks
Skype: Brian Austin Whitney
Facebook: www.facebook.com/justplainfolks

"Don't sit around and wait for success to come to you... it doesn't know the way." -Brian Austin Whitney

"It's easier to be the bigger man when you actually are..."

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