I no longer can go to the movies so I make sure they come to me.
Besides Blu Ray makes movie screens look like old family film projectors movies on your wall in the 60's smile

Ten Blu Ray's you must have....

1. JAWS - Just released last week, it looks fantastic. What a job they did restoring this film. The bonus features are GREAT! Will bring you back to the days of REAL summer blockbusters....

2. The Ten Commandments - "Oh My God" is right! This is like watching perfection through a view master smile it POPS!!! like nothing I have ever seen before. Real sets, real colors real people.. Unreal! Best picture quality I have ever seen...

3. Ben Hur - Two words "Chariot Race"

4. The Sting - Three words, Newman Redford & Shaw
Wow the color pops in this. GREAT sets and costumes AGAIN by the late great Edith Head! Music sounds wonderful....

5. High Noon - I usually lay off black & whites but this classic western is too awesome to not have on Blu Ray... Sharp as anything!

6. The Big Country - ALL westerns make for the best blu ray's but this one needed the help more than any other I owned on regular dvd or VHS (like 200) .... So it's soooo much better. "Tombstone" is greatly improved as well...

Besides Jean Simmons is even more beautiful in HD!!!

7. Jurassic Park - Cause it's Jurassic Park!

8. West Side Story - The actors will hate this as you can see all the make up on there faces smile GREAT looking with great sound.. Very entertaining with great bonus features....

9. Planet Of The Apes - Hey Charlton is in like 4 of ten on this list smile he's a HD guy lol. Really BIG upgrade in quality and one of thee best Sci Fi;s EVER!

10. The GodFather - Well because it's the Godfather!!! smile

There are many more of course, but these are just must haves...
But not too too many, because newer films look GREAT already it's the older ones that really benefit from this remastering blu ray stuff. TRust me!

Peace Mike

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