I accidentally listened to the first song "Walk With Me" then realized it wasn't "Blue Sky"

After hearing Blue Sky I just let your sings play as they were very warm and welcoming. Reading your bio it seems top me you have accomplished what you set out to do. Not only is very honest and sincere but your very "musical" as well. So many pleasant going on in your songs starting with the feel...

With all that is there and being able to hear & see into your music I wouldn't even comment on little production or performance things that are so irrelevant to the bigger picture your painting. Besides I know what it's like to sit there alone trying to make an entire song come to life and trying to not let your equipment ruin the whole vibe smile or worse yet make you pout it away.

Nice stuff man really.... You remind me of someone who would have someone else doing one of your songs. Then I find out you have a version and I go "You know I kinda like Nelson's original version a bit better, it's just more sincere and heartfelt"
Regardless of how good Al Jarreau sang it smile

All the best

Peace Mike

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