Mr. Miller
Bless you Brother. Your encouraging words propels my desire to do better work because you are the man.

Thank you much for the kind words.
I'm so glad you like the lines.
I think it may one of the best choruses I've written.

Mr Mackie
Brother you are too kind.

Hey Ricky
Good to hear from you. Glad you liked it.
Especially the chorus because I had such a ball doing it. I was in full pipe dream mode... had my band back up singer congo players and the bass player singing, "Uh na na na, Uh na na na, Uh na, Uh na na na, uh na na na, UH na, na, na , Uh na, Uh na na,na.....Hot Damn wink

Hello Kimberly
Mr Rucker Huh... Funny you would mention him. Of all the great music that's been ever released the one album that motivated me to buy a guitar was "Cracked Rear View" by you know who. What's not so funny is that it was another 10yrs before I learned to play a song. No S*=t

Hey Ricki
Yeah I'm still working on it.
I the way I see it, I don't write a lot of songs and I haven't started collaborating, So between writing songs I have plenty of time to go back and rework songs, to make them the best they can be. I feel as I get better at certain part of the process I'm obligated to share that with the older songs, as well. It could be anything from tweaking the arrangement, to singing to re-recording or rewriting a piece of music.
Nothing is sweeter then breathing new life into an older song.

Hey Tom
Thanks for stopping by. I'm so happy you liked the song.

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