Hello Everyone
I'm sure some of you remember this one. At this rate the album will be ready by the summer of 2012. smile grin
I'm still trying to clearly articulate the motivation for the song. So here goes, I hope it makes since.

I was moved to write the song while reflecting on how much pleasure we seem to take in the pain and down fall of others.

The character is experiencing the extraordinary sense of relief, after finding the courage with the help of a stranger, to face their demons.

The fact is they weren't hiding in dark alleys, they were functioning in society everyday. With smiles on their faces, behind the gleam of the clear blue sky... we fail to notice.
They are family members,church members, co-workers and neighbors, suffering the shame of addictions and other burdens. They're simply in need of a kind word or a helping hand.

Blue Sky (evolving though @ a snail's pace)

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