I have gotten that virus (or something like it) twice now, both around a year ago. Yes, it has been around for a while.

I got it the first time when I got Windows Defender from Microsoft. (Never, *never* get software from Microsoft.) I started seeing these popup messages with something that looked like a McAffee logo saying I had a virus; click on that, and you saw an impressive list of viruses, and the "Do you want to eliminate these?" message. Click "yes," and that's when you get the demand for money.

My regular antivirus program (AVG) had been disabled by this thing, and Windows Defender was a hindrance rather than help, because it was treating the "malware" as an antivirus program, and wouldn't let me remove it. Windows Defender also wouldn't let me remove Windows Defender, either.

I ended up calling Microsoft Tech Support, telling them it was their problem because the virus came with Windows Defender, and I wanted Windows Defender *and* the virus off the computer *now*. They couldn't (they said it was because I wasn't using Internet Explorer), but they sent me a little DOS program that did.

Second time I got the virus, I no longer had any traces of McAffee on the 'puter, and it showed up with a logo that looked very much like AVG, displaying the same "your computer is infected!" messages. This time, I didn't click on *anything*--just noted the location where the files were hiding, and went into DOS and deleted them. Only way to deal with it, I think.