This one is NOT a HOAX
I have it in my main PC and am trying to get rid of it now.
Most antivirus programs don't seem to be able to stop it. Windows defender does not even recognize it.
It has many names but I have it under the name of
Antivirus XP 2010.
It has hijacked my windows security system, turned off my Macaffee protections and basically disabled my antivirus programs and firewall.
I am very careful so I don't know how I got this virus. The only thing I have done in the last couple days was E-file my Income Taxes. It may have got in that way.

It is a rogue virus that is a fake antivirus program. It claims your computer is infected and when you log on it wants money from you to download the software to remove the so called viruses.
It is a fake program but if you get suckered in it will take your money.
I will let everyone know how I did getting rid of it. It looks like it's going to be difficult.
If I learn how you can prevent it I will post the information.

What I don't understand is this virus has been around a few months. It does take your money so there is a TRAIL to somewhere and someone. Why doesn't our fearless leader and his hotshot Att. General have a handle on this.
How much money is this virus costing us.

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