You know, it is funny. Actually there is a little alcohol involved but actually there is more physical exhaustion involved. I come at people pretty hard and furious. Usually people find out more during the get aquainted breakfast session, than they find out in most multi day workshops.

It is because everything I do is based around the particpant. But it gets funny.

There was an African American female from Chicago that was brand new to songwriting. It was her first trip. She was actually a doctor in Chicago. Her husband gave her the tour for a Christmas present.

We were at breakfast and she asked "Do you ever meet celebrities on the tours?" I said, "Sometimes, but usually the writers in Nashville are the stars. And they are the ones we often want to meet and hear from. But would you like to meet one?"
She said "Sure."

In the booth right next to us was Weird Al Yankovick.I reached over the divider, shook his hand and introduced her to him. She about fell on the floor. Now I have added "Breakfast with Weird Al" as a tour stop.

Another one was a guy from Vermont. There is a place on my tour sheet that asks "Is there any writer you would like to meet within reason?" (I am not going to be able to get Jeffery Steel, Brad Paisley, or most artists because they are busy and on the road. But some I can set up.

This guy did not know the name of the writer but said he loved the song "Live Like You Were Dying" and wondered if that was about a real person. I said "I don't think so, but why don't we find out?" Sitting in the booth next to me (same resturant) was Craig Wiseman, the writer of that song. I just worked it into the conversation like he had been sitting there all along. "Craig, can you tell this guy about how you wrote that?" And he did. I have known Craig for years.

The "tour" is through the past, present and future of the writer. I never know where it is going to go, or who is going to be involved, but it is always interesting and always changes.

A lot of fun. If you want to find out more, ask or visit my web site.