Heh yeah and Im the crazy ridiculous Norwegian that's always commenting on the world I don't understand from my rugged kitchen table, but of which I think I know all about. I blame the Internet grin

I agree we should talk way less about "writing hit songs, getting cuts, getting deals,"! Unless you're really living a professional life that's supporting those goals, they are not really realistic. And even if I have a chance, talking about the ends won't do anything for me. Those parts are kinda obvious, so the energy is way better invested in building good relations and writing more music..

And the friendships connecting through music and songwriting opens up for is amazing. In a very short time, I have been able to connect with songwriters across the world, and really have places to go if I ever get out of here (when I have any decent songs that can stand the light of day)..

It's a great point about the (paid) songwriter services, that they allow you to meet with the vip's of music industry. I can't think of a better way to find and connect with equal minded people. How often as a rookie can you say that you know people in Nashville, that will be able to help you out when you come to town, willing to sit down with you with your music, talk about it and be taken serious?

In Marc's case we are talking about a unique gateway to networking with people in one of the greatest music cities of the world! How cool is that? You can get on a songwriters tour with Jeff Steele if you want!! How cool is that? You can have your songs reviewed by Nashville, New York, L.A., London ect. based publishers, producers and successful songwriters! How cool is that?

Nobody ever have had options like this before, and you can start from any place in the world! Mentor based learning is as excessible as ever, and the invaluable networks that comes with those are open for everyone, EVERYONE! Think about it, thats amazing. This same accessability might also be the reason why language like "writing hit songs, getting cuts, getting deals," are found in starting songwriters vocabulary, not realizing the priveledge and responsability that accessability challenges your ego with.

I don't know, but if todays options doesn't turn you on as an aspiring songwriter, what would? Sure you invest some money, but you do that for everything you want.. What the h... are we supposed to use money for anyway.. haircut's???? love