Personally I don't think anyone can teach a person how to write a hit song. You can either write one or you can't. You might be able to learn formulas and structures but you must have the song in your heart or you will never write one.
But having said that;
well even a blind dog will find a acorn once in a while. Oh wait, that was supposed to be a bone. it was the pig found the acorn. ... or was that a deer?

Taylor Swift wrote her first hit when she was a tween. No one taught her anything. She did it by herself. Natural talent.

My Brother's Granddaughter just went to the University of Michigan to take her SAT's or whatever it's called now.
She is 11 years old... That's right. ELEVEN. And they want her to go to college. Most of the folks in our family barely made it through High School.
Those are the kind of people that write hit songs. Most of us will NEVER write anything that is commercial, That will get cut, or that will buy us that first Mercedes.
I don't care how much money you spend on workshops, seminars, or critiques.
Either you have it or you don't.

I was at one of those workshops a couple years ago. The Mentor was critiquing our songs. I did mine. It had a Heart/Start rhyme in it. I was torn apart for it. Told it would NEVER be cut with that rhyme. I needed to learn to be more original.
I should buy his book.
After the workshop was over the mentor did a couple of his own songs. Well what do you know. The first song had Love/Above Rhyme in the first verse. The second song... you guessed it. Heart/Start.
That was the last time I paid for a workshop.

I think a one on one type mentoring or even group songwriting sessions, Networking, would be a far better use of energy and time.
MAB offers something similar to that I think. That would be the type thing that I believe would really help.

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