Lyric Nominee #12

This was inspired by magician's assistants..

Girl in the Box
Wendy DuMond

I am the girl
In sequins and pearls
I've lived my
Whole life as your prop
With a sleight of hand
I'm at your command
I am your girl
In the box

But that's how things go
In this magic show
I never know what you'll pick
And it's hard to see
Which victim I'll be
Until we perform the trick

So I'll step inside
And go for my ride
And fold myself up in knots
Then you saw me half
While I try not to laugh
I am your girl
in the box

I spin on the wheel
As you throw your steel
And the colors pass by in a swirl
And if you're remiss
And you happen to miss
Will you find
Some other girl?

When I'm in this chest
I cannot rest
Because things are not what they seem
Your magic's too strong
But I play along
All the while I scream

I am the girl
Who tumbles and twirls
never escaping your locks
My life is mismade
I live in my grave
I am your girl
In the box

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