HIDee Bro Brian!

Haven't seen a NEW Challenge here in over a Month...

So...I'd sug. perhaps maybe We Readers here could SUGGEST a Topic/Challenge in THIS Spot..& the "Officials" could maybe Vote on 'em, Monthly, for one to get Used from us "Outsiders"?

I'd get a kick outta seeing who can come up with..for instance..a decent song about the Automakers' Bailout. (Just for Fun. I realize it's got Zero Shelf Life..but what the heck..the More Ya Write (&..See How OTHERS Write)..the Better At It Ya Get.) JMO, anyways.

Maybe yet another on String Balls. (No reason "WHY"...but crazy Stupid Esoteric Ones sometimes DO Sell.) Perhaps one on SQUIDS...since they RHYME with lotsa stuff...& noone's yet penned a Hit on the Critters.

&..I'm sure there are Other, perhaps Even-Better Sugs out there, just Waiting to Be Considered.

Let's get our heads together & keep this Forum a Blast, eh?

Best Wishes,
Big Hugs,