Hi Folks,

Per member request, I just added this new board to contain all our various ongoing creative challenges on the boards. Right now, as we get this program started, I have listed several moderators who are folks who have hosted some type of challenge in the past. If I missed anyone, please let me know, it wasn't intentional.

The idea here will be to post a creative challenge (via one of the moderators) that has specific instructions, time limits and if there will be a winner chosen, then rules as to how it works and how the decision will be made on who won. Any type of creative challenge is okay, as long as we have clear rules and guidelines and the moderator who posts the challenge takes responsibility to see it through.

Some types of creative challenges could by Lyric, Songs, Creative Writing of all types, Photography, Art.. you get the idea. We don't want to overdo it all so I'll ask the moderators to post no more than 1 challenge per week. It's not a requirement for any of them to post anything, but for right now I'd like the challenges to go through one of them so if you have an idea and want to start a challenge, please choose a moderator of your choice to handle posting it. Only moderators can start posts, but anyone can reply. Have fun!


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