Everything you heard was already in the mix. All that changed was volume levels. I pushed the vocal 2db. I pulled the chorus guitars back 1db. I pulled the cymbals/hihats back about 2.5db. In the bridge I pulled the vocal down another 2db. In the bridge I pulled the guitar and electric piano down about 2.5db. I left everything else exactly the same.

The delays you hear were always there. They're just more noticeable now because the vocal is louder overall.

Yup, it helps to live with a mix for a day or two before you call it final. I found I needed to make a couple of adjustments after not hearing it for a couple of days.

I know when I go to press it for the CD version, it will have a lot more dynamics. You'll hear a lot more of the layers that are in it. I'm considering two versions of CD's. One that's dynamic and allows the music to breath and another that's designed for the loud wars. Then let consumers choose which they prefer. Easy enough to do.

Glad it's getting a thumbs up.

Jody Whitesides
A Funky Audio Lap Dance For Your Ears!