I always make multiple mixes. I do surround mixes of my songs usually afterwards. Now with Logic 8 and the new 'puter, it will be a breeze. The U.S. is a bit behind in that technology, which is actually sad. I'm not even sure the show I'm pushing to is in surround. But I do know that eventually it make come up for a movie, and those are surround.

I also plan to release a DVD-A version of my last CD, plus my next CD (of which this song will be on). So that will be surround of course.

I also do instrumental mixes as well.

As for the considering choices before surround. No. I don't pick instrumentation based on going surround. To me, surround is a 3D palette compared to the 2D stereo palette. There's not much difference, other than you have a lot more room to move things around and get interesting with.

Jody Whitesides
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