Hey Jody,

Yes, I'd probably agree there are different mastering requirements for different mediums. The downloadable single really does need to be hot, as it's placed next to a whole different bunch of songs, and if they all play at a different volume, guess which song is going to get booted from the collection if it sounds "weak".

It would be OK to go back to a more relaxed feel for a complete CD, as each track is mastered relative to the others, so this is a format I would probably choose to listen to, if the engineers started backing off and got back to dynamics.

I see you're submitting for television. Have you thought about how the mix might sound in 5.1 ? We've recently gone completely digital here in Oz, ( free to air television, and soon radio )and from what I understand there is a push from some quarters to produce all programmes in 5.1 Currently, a lot are, but do we need the gardeneing programme in 5.1 ?

Was wondering if this was a consideration in your choice of instrumentation, mix and mastering.

cheers, niteshift