I'm getting out of the stage to where I want to record everything into a funnel.
Noticing the differences with a synthsized bass analog and digital.

All the stacks of tube amps and resisters being fitted down to a piece of software.

Despite the room saver, the energy to get loud just does'nt seem to be there without those large dinosaur devices.

But what used to be a great way to measure what's too loud for me has been a synthesized bass. When I just plugged into a sound card that is.
I have stepped up not too long ago to a digital interface.
No doubt small compared to many here, but a big step as well as experience to me.

I always record the synth bass first before I plug in a guitar.

I would remember in overdubs thinking that the sound levels were adjusted just fine, but I did'nt think of the compression with the instruments.
It's funny how the sound problems don't seem to be as noticable at the time.
But now that I want some more quality in my equipment, the sound problems stick out like a sore thumb.
But all I started out with to judge too much distortion with the sound was from that synth bass.
It would have to at least pass that test before I would upload.
I would'nt do that to someones speakers.

I have damaged a number of my speakers to do that.