Another Point:

Music to this day does'nt neccessarialy depend on the medium.
I have listened to some Yes and Asia albums when digital disks were almost unheard of by the music consumer.
But the medium is always going to have something to offer to certain people that the other is not.
That is the way it will always be.
And if it were up to me, all the music mediums would be sold in retail outlets, including 8 tracks.
At least there is enough nostalgists to where I would think that the market could profit selling every medium on some limited basis.
I have been going from just plugging into my sound card.
Which so far has comprised all of my recordings.
Now I am experimenting more with sequencers instead of just practicing to them.

I guess dynamics depends on how much people want to dance outside of the genres they play in.

But music would be pretty boring if everyone did the same thing.


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