I'm glad someone brought this up.
I always thought that the mix on a cd compared to a cassette tape
never sounded as real.
I play mostly cd's now because of the unavailability of casettes and albums.
Even though I have either inherited albums and cassettes or purchased them mostly used.
I think the last new cassette I purchased was in a KMart store 4 years ago.
I always have to turn down the bass and treble with a CD,
and still I get some distortion. Especially with the bass.
I have recorded from cassette or album to .wav.
It's a little boxy, but with a good enough system I can hear the detail pretty good.
The disc definately has it's limitations.
Now everything seems to be switching to an ipod.
Which is going to make cd's obsolete.
All this cramming with technology seems to be more of a hinderance at times with the sound.
Almost like what a cell phone is to an old fasioned phone.
I will not get a cell phone because of the crappy sound quality.
Everything soundwise seems to be getting more rinny-tin-tin.