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We're actually starting to get people that are more concerned with leaving the dynamics in stuff we're mastering.

Paul, your Pennsauken place mastered my North&South CD, (by Daubert and Holcombe). You guys did a wonderful job, and looking at the wav file, as I recently did, you left room, and did not chop off any of the high peaks. It sounds rich and full. And, our recordings were only done on a Tascam 488 cassette machine! So thank you, if you have anything to do with it. I have always received compliments on the overall sound of the album.

I have to admit, that my attempts at home mastering is nothing more than pushing it all way too much and then backing off .01 db to not have it clip,,,,but it had already been clipped, with the peaks being made thicker. Not good, I know, but was just about forced to, to keep up with the intense volumes of the sites where my band's songs are.

Thank you and all here for such insight. The songs do have a natural dynamic feel to them just by the way Sub mixed them, so I should not try to mess with them as I have. (Back to the drawing board I guess!). Simply is best in mastering too? Also, the right gear!

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