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Hi Dan!
I really enjoyed the guitar work here, and the lyric does what it should. I like the story. There's a lot of "life" symbolism in it, although it's based on a true real story--a lot of times we may try to sail where sailing is impossible. smile So that's always good. Lots of angles to look at it from. The words are haunting and poetic. It would be interesting to hear this with harmonies, or try out several different voices for it and see if you can find an equally 'haunting' sort of vocal sound to match up with the strange eerieness of the words.

(I mean, did the guy die out there, or was he rescued? Sounds like a Titanic story but on an individual, small scale... smile )

Thanks for the listen!


Thank you for a very thoughfull critique, I appreciate it. I have been working on a more finished version and I will work on the vocals, especially harmonies. Thanks. [Linked Image]

In real life the guy lives, not sure about my story. Wonder what that says about me? whistle