<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Brian Austin Whitney:
Hi Folks,

We're looking for a Columbus, OH chapter coordinator. Anyone out there?


Brian, Hi.

I live in Lima Ohio, generally in the Columbus area, I'm about an hour or two away by car, my sister in law lives in Columbus and is in special education.

I'm still new on this forum and I'm still finding my way around. I've been writing music for over thirty years, I started with pencil on staff paper before computers. I've been involved in community theater projects as a musician, songwriter and recording engineer with a home four track recording studio. I have also worked as a community advocate for people with disabilites, being disabled myself.

If there's some way I can contribute, please let me know. You can also email me at billboutin@yahoo.com or wboutin@woh.rr.com
My music page is www.soundclick.com/billboutin

Thank you for your time.

Bill Boutin